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2019 SVIEF Chairman

Yaqin Zhang

President, Baidu

Judy Chu

Congressmember, United States

Tim Draper

Founder, Draper Associates

Tim Draper

Founder, Draper Associates / Founder, DFJ Capital / Founder, Draper Venture Network / Chairman, SVIEF

Tim Draper founded Draper Associates, DFJ and the Draper Venture Network, a global network of venture capital funds. The firm’s investments include Skype, Hotmail, Tesla, Baidu, Theranos, Athenahealth, Solar City, Box, TwitchTV, SpaceX, Cruise Automation and Parametric Technology and many others.

He created viral marketing, a marketing method for exponentially spreading an electronic service from customer to customer, instrumental to the successes of Hotmail and Skype and other applications, particularly effective for mail and communications applications. Arguably, social media, crowdsourcing and growth hacking are all outgrowths of viral marketing.

Raymond Yang

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, WestSummit Capital

Jun Wu

Founding Partner, Amino Capital

Xiang Qian

Medical Director, Stanford Health Care

Steve Mann

Chairman, MannLab

Yi Cui

Professor, Stanford University

Steve Westly

Managing Partner, Westly Group

Steve Westly

Managing Partner at The Westly Group

Steve Westly is the founder and managing partner of The Westly Group, one of the country's premier clean technology-focused venture capital firms. Prior to founding The Westly Group, Steve served as the Controller and Chief Fiscal Officer of the state of California – the world’s seventh largest economy. As Controller, he chaired the State Lands Commission and served on 63 other boards and commissions, including CalPERS and CalSTRS, the nation’s two largest public pension funds, which together invest more than $350 billion.

During the 2008 election cycle, Steve served as a California co-chair of the Obama for America campaign. He also served on the Secretary of Energy’s Advisory Board during President Obama’s first term and chaired the Subcommittee on Building Energy Efficiency.

Before running for office, Steve helped guide the online auction company eBay through its period of most rapid growth, serving as the Senior Vice President of Marketing, Business Development, M&A and International. Steve helped bring eBay to Europe and Asia and developed the marketing and acquisition strategies that paved the path for the company’s exponential growth.

Shoubin Yang

Founder, Spright Industrial Capital Group

Shoubin Yang

Founder of Spright Industrial Capital Group
Founding Partner of FH Capital
President of Chinese Angel Association
Vice President of Shenzhen Tech. Entrepreneurship Association
Initiator and Executive Vic Chairman of Maimai Future Club

2015 Top 10 Chinese New Edge Investors
2016 Top 10 Chinese Investors
2017 Chinese Top Notch Investors
2018 Top 10 People of Chinese Investment

Shoubin Yang is famous for his eye-catching print shirts, humorous personality, and incredible social networking. He is the initiator/committee president of reality show “Celebri-ties of Chinese Entrepreneurship and Investment”. His talk show style online live hit the history record of 5,210,000 real time audiences, who used to share his insights and wisdom at the same time. Among the entrepreneurship and investment insiders, people like to call him “Bro Bin”.

With years of experience of entrepreneurship and investment, Mr. Yang has thoughtful insights and professional visions on business mode, enterprise strategy, Branding and Marketing, etc..

His invested projects include 240 Companies, such as Kai Shu Stories, Singulato, Kidsmile, On the Way Travel Management, Qingteng, Fei Xiong TV, EQXIU, Bear Read, XStudy, 23mofang, Yingke, Innjia, Easy Flower, Analysys, KDJZ, Coffee 0.8, Youlipai, IPO3.com, Doohan eBike, Baman Beef Rice Noodle, Taidu.com, Sanhao.com, 1919.cn, MicroLanguage, etc.. Many of them were valuated by millions at the beginning, and now by billions or even go through IPO process.

Who will speak at 2019 SVIEF 2019 SVIEF Speakers

Dong-Su Kim

CEO, LG Technology Ventures

Dong-Su Kim

LG Technology Ventures, CEO

Dong-Su Kim, Ph.D. is the CEO of LG Technology Ventures. He has over twenty five years of investment, strategy, planning, and technology experience. LG Technology Ventures was established in 2018 as the venture capital investment arm of the LG Group of South Korea. As the founding CEO, Dong-Su established the fund structure, hired key people, and initiated investment operations. Currently, LG Technology Ventures is managing over $400 million of fund assets and invests in early-stage information technology, automotive, manufacturing, life-sciences, energy, and advanced materials companies. Portfolio companies include AmazeVR, Lygos, May Mobility, and Ridecell.

Previously, Dong-Su was Vice President and GM of Samsung Ventures America where he managed offices in Menlo Park, Boston, London, and Tel Aviv. He also led investments of over thirty companies in diverse sectors including semiconductors, equipment, materials, and storage systems.

Dong-Su has M.A. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University, and B.S. with Honors in Applied Physics from California Institute of Technology.

Ranjan Sinha

VP, IBM Chief Data Office

Ranjan Sinha

VP, IBM Chief Data Office

Ranjan Sinha is the Vice President of Data Platform Engineering & DevOps at IBM Chief Data Office. He is a digital transformational leader and innovator in data platforms, data engineering, and data science with a strong track record of accomplishments leading projects in both industry and academia. He is a seasoned technical leader building high performance, large-scale internet and enterprise platforms and solutions from inception to production. He has led multiple business impacting projects across several domains, including enterprise data lake, AI services, recommendations, personalization, infrastructure availability, real-time security, and identity linking. He was a research academic at the University of Melbourne and holds a PhD in computer science from RMIT University. He has published over 30 refereed works, won the sort benchmark for JouleSort and PennySort, and was amongst Wall Street Journal’s top-12 Asia-Pacific young inventors. He frequently speaks on data platform, data sciences, scaling analytics, and enterprise transformation.

Stratos Davlos

VP of AI, IBM Watson Data and AI

Stratos Davlos

VP of AI, IBM Watson Data and AI

Stratos Nguyen Davlos, Vice President - AI Watson, leads the brightest minds in the cognitive technology community to create industrial strength, ubiquitous AI Watson products, by combining IBM’s extensive research and engineering capabilities. He is co-located at IBM’s world-class Silicon Valley research facility, IBM Research - Almaden in San Jose, California and the state-of-the-art Watson West Experience Center in San Francisco. Prior to joining IBM, Mr. Davlos was the CTO and Sr. Vice President of Platform Engineering and Data Science at Reliance Jio. His AI-focused career spans many years of executive technology management and development at Apple, Kaidara, eGain, Inference Corporation and National Energy Services. Mr. Davlos received a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from Cranfield University, UK. He holds numerous patents and has received many honors and awards. Mr. Davlos joined IBM’s pre-eminent Watson AI team in July 2018.

Mikael Loefstrand


Mikael Loefstrand

VP/CTO SAP Multi-cloud Products and Services,
Board Member of Skalera Corp & Exten Technologies

Mikael Loefstrand is the VP/CTO in SAPs Multi-cloud organization where he focus on Technology, customer enablement, and transformational strategies. He is a former VP/Architect for one of Oracles flagship products, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technologist at Sun Microsystems, and holds patents including highly distributed networking functions, and self-configuring systems. As Chief Architect of Force10 networks Mr Loefstrand developed a software strategy, instrumental in the acquisition by Dell in 2011. He held the CEO position at Skalera Corp. where he today is the chairman of the board, and he is a board member at Exten Technologies.

Harry Li

Professor, San Jose State University

Harry Li

Professor, San Jose State University

Hua Harry Li, Ph.D. research expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Full Stack Embedded Systems, IoT, self-driving robotic systems, and VLSI vision chips, pioneered fuzzy intelligent control, book: “Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent System” (ISBN 0-7923-9575-1), extensive research papers in IEEE Transactions, international conferences, recipient of an Industrial Neural Network Award in the World Congress Neural Network Conference. Guest Editor of IEEE Transactions on CPMT (ISSN1083-4400), invited contributor to the Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (ISBN 0-471-13946-7), book: “Vision Chips: Implementing Vision Algorithms with Analog VLSI Circuits” (ISBN 0-8186-6492-4 IEEE CS Press), listed in Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, (ISBN 0-8379-5756-7), Who is Who in America (ISBN 0-8379-0194-4). Lead the development of the Embedded Systems Program at San Jose State University.

Nuno Martins

Affiliated Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Nuno R. B. Martins, PhD

Affiliated Researcher, Center for Research and Education on Aging (CREA)
University of California - Berkeley Affiliated Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Nuno is a polymath, a researcher, an entrepreneur, a public speaker, and a life and health extension advocate. As a polymath, Nuno usually likes to make use of different subject areas, drawing ideas and concepts from different bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems. As an illustrative example, some of his published papers involve several fields of research, including: neuroscience, nanotechnology, nanomedicine, nanorobotics, computer science, and others. Several educational experiences have supported and nurtured Nuno’s polymath approach to problems.

As a researcher, Nuno is interested in technological developments with potential to solve humanity’s most challenging problems in healthcare, education, work, humanity’s existential risks, among others. Nuno is currently focused on developing technologies which will hopefully have a significant impact on human healthy life extension. Nuno’s research work was featured in the world’s media, including: Fox News Channel, New York Post, The SUN, Daily Mail, Irish Times, Science Daily, The Times of India, National Geography Poland, among other worldwide media. Nuno is currently an affiliated researcher at the center for research and education on aging at the University of California Berkeley, in the United States, as well as an affiliated researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, LBNL, in the United States. Nuno’s most recently published paper, published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience, has more views than 99% of all Frontiers articles, and is currently the second most viewed paper on Frontiers of Neuroscience, section Neural Technology. The journal Frontiers in Neuroscience is the world’s most cited journal in the field of neuroscience. Nuno’s scientific work has involved collaborations with worldwide universities, including the University of California San Diego, University of Miami, Duke University, Moscow State Medical University, Purdue University, Monash University, Institute for Molecular Manufacturing, among others.

In business, Nuno created his own company to fund his education. Along the way, several academic awards and grants contributed to his necessary funding strategy. Nuno is a board member of the board of directors of several organisations and companies. One of those organisations has contributed with more than 100 million in funding for scientific research during the last decades.

On healthy life-extension related topics, Nuno is a board member of the board of directors of life extension related organisations and companies. Early in his life, motivated to take control of his own health Nuno decided to make several courses related to healthcare, body training and nutrition.

As a public speaker, Nuno has participated in several conferences and meetings, providing talks in conferences alongside with several celebrities, such as: the visionary billionaire Peter Nygard, the inspiring Suzanne Somers, the world famous futurist Ray Kurzweil, and Artificial Intelligence pioneer Ben Goertzel, among many other celebrities…

Adam Bergman

Head of AgTech & FoodTech Investment Banking, Wells Fargo

Adam Bergman

Head of AgTech & FoodTech Investment Banking, Wells Fargo

Adam Bergman is a head of Wells Fargo’s AgTech and FoodTech Investment Banking practice. He has over 20 years’ experience in investment banking, including over 18 years working with growth companies and more than 15 years covering the broad CleanTech sector.

As one of the first investment bankers to focus on the CleanTech sector, Adam is considered one of the leading subject matter experts, having transaction experience in the agricultural & food technology, biomaterials, energy efficiency, energy storage, IIoT, mobility, renewable energy, smart grid and water technology sectors.

During the past 20 years, he has worked for leading global investment banks, including Deutsche Bank, Jefferies, JPMorgan, Rothschild, UBS and Wells Fargo, and has covered the CleanTech, Technology, Industrial and Healthcare sectors. Adam has completed over 40 domestic and international financings valued at over $12 billion and over 25 M&A, restructuring and strategic advisors assignments valued at over $25 billion.

Paul Lasserre

VP, Product Management, Artificial Intelligence, Genesys

Paul Lasserre

VP, Product Management, Artificial Intelligence, Genesys

Paul Lasserre leads the overall AI strategy, product investments and go-to-market for Genesys. Genesys is the world #1 customer experience platform that helps every year over 10,000 brands connect to billions across channels. Paul previously held various positions focusing on portfolio growth in emerging technology and markets after the first chapter of his career chasing pirates and patrolling onboard nuclear submarines in the French Navy.

Paul holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a Master in Mechanical Engineering from the French Naval Academy.

Jason Geng


Jason Geng


Jason is the Founder and CEO of Data Application Lab (DataAppLab.com), which provide AI, big data and data science trainings and enterprise consulting service.

Jason is guest lecture of University of Southern California. His classes cover data science, business analytics, SQL and No-SQL database.

As the founder of International Data Engineering and Scientist Association (ideassn.org), Jason organized SoCal Data Science Conference 2016, 2017, 2018; 2017 Dallas Data Science Conference and 2017 Chicago Data Science Conference.

Hillary Mickell

Dean and Regional CEO of Northeastern University, SF Bay Area

Hillary Mickell

Dean and Regional CEO of Northeastern University, SF Bay Area

Hillary Mickell is the Dean and Regional CEO of Northeastern University, SF Bay Area. She is an accomplished business leader, tech entrepreneur, angel investor and board member with a background in strategic partnerships, brand development and digital marketing. Hillary has held management positions at Microsoft, Netscape, Yahoo! and was a founding executive at Shutterfly. She co-founded Silicon Valley startup FOODILY, acquired by IAC in 2015. As Vice President, Business Development and Partnerships at Udacity, she led a team building C-level relationships and creating innovative programs with industry partners globally connecting online learning to jobs. She has led companies from inception to hyper growth and is an active advisor to early stage startups.

Hillary serves on non-profit boards including The Nature Conservancy and H.O.P.E. for Haiti. Passionately engaged in community development through her work with H.O.P.E., Hillary frequently travels to Borgne, Haiti where she contributes to community development, education and women’s health initiatives. She is a co-author of The Elephant in the Valley, and frequent public speaker on both building high performance, diverse teams as well as business strategy.

Anna N Schlegel

Vice President, Global Portfolio-to-Market Lifecycle, NetApp

Anna N Schlegel

Dean and Regional CEO of Northeastern University, SF Bay Area

Anna N Schlegel is Vice President of the Global Portfolio-to-Market Lifecycle organization at NetApp. In her role, she oversees a variety of teams, including: Enterprise Globalization, Enterprise Content Strategy, Global Portfolio to Market, and Product Lifecyle. Anna has worked in the tech industry in the Silicon Valley for over 20 years, leading teams at Cisco, VMWare, Xerox, and Verisign.

Anna serves as the Executive Sponsor of NetApp’s Women in Technology organization, where she focuses on developing female leaders in the tech industry. She is also the co-founder of Women in Localization, the leading professional organization for women in the Localization industry with over 5000 members worldwide.

Anna speaks 6 languages, is a native of Catalunya, and lives with her family in Santa Clara, California.

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About 2019 SVIEF

The 9th SVIEF will be held on Sep 7th-8th, 2019 at Santa Clara Convention Center. It is designed to be an intense, informative and interactive event which focuses on the theme " Beyond the Next Revolution ", and features 100+ high-profile speakers and 150+ tech exhibitors. In the meantime, the 9th SVIEF STAR Startup Competition Finale will take place on the same day, bringing together most outstanding startups from the fields of AI, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Clean Tech, Advanced Manufacturing, Smart Tech, etc.

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Note: The schedule is tentative and subject to change

2019 9th SVIEF Opening Summit (Hall D)

Valid Tickets for Admission: All Tickets except Expo Pass

12:00 - 01:00 PM


01:00 - 01:10 PM

Opening Remark

01:10 - 01:20 PM Welcome Speech

Welcome Speech

01:20 - 01:40 PM Keynote Speech

Keynote Speech

01:40 - 02:00 PM Keynote Speech

Keynote Speech: Challenges and Practives of 5G and Cloudonomics

02:00 - 02:10 PM Keynote Speech

Keynote Speech

Yaqin Zhang, President, Baidu

02:10 - 02:50 PM Global Innovation Leader's Dialogue

Global Innovation Leader's Dialogue

02:50 - 03:00 PM

SVIEF Academy Opening Ceremony

AI+ Venture Investment Summit (Hall D)

Valid Tickets for Admission: All Tickets except Expo Pass

03:00 - 03:15 PM Keynote

Keynote: Beyond the Algorithm: Business Transformation and Value Creation Through AI

03:15 - 03:30 PM Keynote

Keynote:Developing Business Strategy In the Era of Big Data

Ranjan Sinha, VP of Data Engineering, Cognitive Service, IBM

03:30 - 04:05 PM Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat: A Global Vision for Trends and collaboration between Corporation Innovation

04:05 - 04:35 PM Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat: Working with Corporate Venture Capital

04:35 - 05:05 PM Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat:Pursuing Innovation in Traditional Industries

Global AI Tech Summit (Hall C)

Valid Tickets for Admission: All Tickets except Expo Pass

03:00 - 03:20 PM Keynote

Keynote:How multi-cloud drives the need for AIops

Mikael Loefstrand, CTO, Vice President of SAP’s Multi-Cloud Technology Office will talk about how multi-cloud drives the need for AIops

03:20 - 03:40 PM Keynote

Keynote:Human Brain/Cloud Interface

Nuno R. B. Martins, PhD, Affiliated Researcher, Center for Research and Education on Aging (CREA) University of California - Berkeley, Affiliated Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

03:40 - 04:00 PM Keynote

Keynote:Computer Vision and Intelligent Control Technology

Harry Li, Professor of Computer Engineering, San Jose State University, will talk about Computer Vision and Intelligent Control Technology

04:00 - 04:20 PM Keynote

Keynote:Introduction to AI Analysis Tools and Platforms

Stratos Davlos, VP of AI, IBM Watson Data and AI, will make introduction to AI Analysis Tools and Platforms

04:00 - 04:20 PM Keynote

Keynote:How Companies Build Competitive Advantage in the Era of 5G+AI

SVIEF Tech Night (Hall D)

Valid Tickets for Admission: VIP Executive Training Pass, VIP Pass, All Access Pass+SVIEF Tech Night Pass

06:30 - 07:00 PM


07:00 - 07:20 PM

Opening Performance

07:20 - 07:25 PM

Opening Remark

07:25 - 07:50 PM

Dinner Banquet

07:50 - 09:00 PM

2019 SVIEF Award Ceremony

Note: The schedule is tentative and subject to change

Global Venture Investment Summit & 9th SVIEF STAR Startup Competition(Hall D)

Valid Tickets for Admission: All Tickets except Expo Pass

08:30 - 09:30 AM


09:30 - 09:45 AMKeynote

Keynote:2020 Venture Investment Outlook

09:45 - 10:00 AM Keynote

Keynote:The age of interconnected intelligence Entrepreneurship and Investment

Shoubing Yang,Founder of Spright Industrial Capital Group,Founding Partner of FH Capital

10:00 - 10:30 AMPanel

Panel Discussion:Investment Opportunities in Autonomous Driving and Smart Cars

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

SVIEF-STAR Investment Discussion & Startup Competition (Group 1)

12:00 - 01:30 PM

Lunch Break

01:30 - 01:55 PM

Global Investment Leaders’ Dialogue:To Exit or to Turn?

01:55 - 02:25 PM Panel

Panel Discussion: March into the Era of Connectivity with Smart Devices

02:25 - 04:05 PM

SVIEF-STAR Investment Discussion & Startup Competition (Group 2)

04:05 - 04:25 PM Keynote

Keynote:How to Build Your Competitive Advantage

04:25 - 04:40 PM Keynote

Keynote:How Edge Computing is Redefining the Network Landscape

Adam Bergman, Head of AgTech & FoodTech Investment Banking, Wells Fargo

04:40 - 05:00 PM Award Ceremony

2019 SVIEF STAR Award Ceremony

Global AI Tech Summit (Hall C)

Valid Tickets for Admission: All Tickets except Expo Pass

09:30 - 10:00 AM


10:00 - 10:20 AM Keynote

Keynote: Consumer robotics——AI in your daily life

10:20 - 10:40 AM Keynote

Keynote:Computer Security and Privacy

10:40 - 11:05 AM Startup Demo

Startup Demo (AI+Robots)

11:05 - 11:20 AM Keynote

Keynote: Data Mining Concepts and Techniques

11:20 - 11:40 AM Keynote

Keynote: Game Theory and Applications

11:40 AM - 12:00 PM Keynote

Keynote: How AI is reinventing customer engagement

Paul Lasserre, Artificial Intelligence, VP, Product Management, Artificial Intelligence at Genesys

11:40 AM - 12:00 PM

Lunch Break

01:30 - 01:50 PM Keynote


01:50 - 02:40 PM Panel

Panel: AI+Security

02:40 - 03:30 PM Panel

Panel: AI Application Scenarios and Solutions

03:30 - 03:50 PM Keynote

Keynote:How IT Companies Utilize Cloud Computing to Accelerate Growth and Transition

03:50 - 04:30 PM Panel

Panel: AI Unicorn Case Study

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