Kevin Liao

Head of Business Development and Technology Cooperation, Huawei R&D USA

He has created technology strategy, vision and roadmap to spearhead Huawei’s entry into global market. Mr. Liao is responsible to create and strengthen strategic partnership within high-tech ecosystem including industry leaders, top universities, hot startups and VCs. He works closely with Huawei headquarter in China to make global M&A, strategic investment and patent acquisition decisions.

Prior to Huawei, Mr. Liao was Director of software development at Oracle. He has devised R&D strategies for a multidimensional database management system with over $100MM annual license. Additionally, Mr. Liao has extensive experience creating and leading multi-shore development teams in China, India and Ukraine.

Mr. Liao has an MBA from Columbia University. He also has a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from University of California, Santa Cruz.